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Product Guidelines


Product Compliance


It is your responsibility to ensure that all your products and content that you use on your account on Rara Supply, abides by the requirements set out in these Product Guidelines. Rara Supply reserves the right to update these requirements at any point of time so please check them periodically to discover changes. Throughout we will use terms such as "include" and "including" which means including but not limited to. You acknowledge and agree to: 

- Abide by all policies set out by Rara Supply, to include: Terms of Conditions, Customer Terms of Service, Supplier Terms of Service and Product Guidelines

- Comply with all applicable laws, rules and regualtions including saftey, labeling, import, export and consumer protection laws

- Not infringe upon intellectual property

- Not provide any false or inaccurate, or misleading information or content on your products

- Ensure that all products you sell are legally allowed to be sold from your location to your customer

You understand that it is your responsibility to ensure you meet the above requirements and therefore release Rara Supply from any liability with respect thereto. 


Prohibited Products


Rara Supply do not allow any of the following products on its marketplace: 

- Weapons including explosives 

- Counterfeit products or products you do not have the right to sell

- Firearms or firearm ammunition

- Products containing any form of drug, including prescription, legal or illegal. 

- Any products that contain Cannabidiol (CBD) or Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) 

- Cigarettes, cigars, tobacco, electronic cigarettes, vape sticks or pens and any other smoking products

- Pornography

- Products that are offensive

- Gambling or lottery products

- Stamps

- Any other product that Rara Supply deems as inappropriate for the availability of the marketplace


Compliance With Laws


Suppliers are responsible to ensure they are following all laws and regulations applicable to the product they're trying to sell to each and every customer. 


Violation Of These Terms


If you fail to abide by these guidelines, Rara Supply, at its descretion, will have the right to disable your products, storefront or temporarily or permanently terminate your account, without prior notice.