Offering fantastic customer experience is one of the most important factors in determining the long term success of your restaurant. It keeps happy customers coming back and also gives you the ability to charge a premium for your menu.

In fact, a survey from PwC found that customers will pay 16% more for coffee and 12% more for dinner if it means they get a great experience.

At Rara Supply we work with restaurants across the UK and have noticed differences in how some establishments manage their customer experience. Here are five subtle practises we noticed that are easy to implement, yet have a huge impact on the customer experience.


1) Keep your team happy.


Emotions are contagious. By maintaining a happy staff you will notice that their attitude when dealing with customers will become more positive. It is all well and good to dictate that your staff need to have good customer service, but if they are unsatisfied with their working environment they will be less likely to respect the work you are trying to achieve as a restaurant owner.


Waiter happy


2) Conduct regular menu audits.


By fine tuning your menu on a regular basis, you will be able to ensure that you are keeping your customers' favourite menu items, while at the same time disposing of the less popular menu items.

A POS system will have data on which items are doing well. By doing this on a regular basis you will be able to craft a menu that minimises food costs but also maximises customer satisfaction.


3) Offer alternative menus.


Offering vegetarian and vegan menus is something that will make your establishment stand out, especially for customers with those culinary requirements. Currently, less than 10% of UK restaurants offer vegan menu items (Veg Society, 2021).

This is despite the number of vegans rising by over 300% last year. By making this accommodation, your establishment will have a menu that caters to one of the fastest growing communities in Britain.


vegan dish


4) Give a pre-service gift.


We highly encourage offering your customers a small appetizer or a glass of wine for free at the start of the meal. The simple act of offering an unexpected gift will make your restaurant stand out and begin the customers’ meal on a positive start. This is something that many restaurants do not do, due to the perceived higher costs.

However, given that this small act will strongly resonate with the customer you will find that your ability to keep customers coming back will increase, making this small act a massively profitable decision for your business!


5) Keep track of high frequency repeat customers and look after them!


It goes a long way when you show your repeat customers that you care about them.Train your staff to be extra polite to familiar faces, and don’t be shy of using their names. This personalised experience resonates with customers and will make them want to keep coming back.