3 Tips To Make Your Restaurant A Raging Success


We know that starting a restaurant is very difficult. Cornell University estimates that over 60% of new restaurants fail in the first year. However, do not fear these statistics, as there are often common mistakes made by first time restaurant owners which can be easily avoided. 

We’ve highlighted three business practises that will help restaurant owners better manage their business.


1. Hire a top-quality chef and provide them with exceptional ingredients


Hiring a high quality chef is vital in ensuring that the quality of your meals meets a high standard. Word of mouth is one of your most powerful tools in marketing and one of the ways to harness it in your favour is by hiring a chef that consistently delivers high quality meals. 

However, having a good chef is not enough.  Even Gordon Ramsey would find it hard to deliver quality if the ingredients he has to cook with are sub-par. 

This is why it is essential you are able to source menu items from a supplier that is known for good quality items. Even if you are marketing yourself as a budget friendly restaurant, don’t skimp out on your ingredients; try to find cost savings in other areas. 

At the end of the day, it takes one bad meal to put off a customer for life and cooking with sub-par ingredients guarantees disgruntled customers. 

If you are struggling to source these items yourself, take a look at Rara’s marketplace. Our team of Chefs and research analysts have done the heavy lifting to identify high quality suppliers delivering within London. 



2. Do aggressive marketing campaigns


A common mistake we see with new restaurants is that they assume that just delivering high quality meals will lead to customers running through the front door. This does not happen! At the start of your journey as a restauranter it is essential that you promote your business so that you can bring in your first batch of customers. Word of mouth will then be able to kick in as you now actually have people that have dined at your establishment. 

However, do not rely on word of mouth alone after your first few months of launch. It is essential you continue to remarket your brand, otherwise people will forget about who you are. It is essential for the long term survival of your business to remain in the psyche of locals. 

Use social media, use offline marketing, use any creative idea that allows your brand to stand out. 


3. Prepare for rainy days


If anything can be learnt over the last two years is that sometimes, s*** hits the fan. Our industry has been battered like never before and we lost many colleagues in our profession due to the pandemic. 

It is essential and financially prudent to always keep some reserves for unexpected expenses your business may encounter. In the first year especially, as unexpected costs will come about given it is impossible to plan for every detail in the future. 

Having some funds set aside is prudent management and will allow for you to rest easier at night.