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Empowering Catering Businesses Across The UK

Customer Benefits


Simplified Buying Process

Order everything you need from one place. Our platform allows businesses the ability to purchase their goods from multiple vendors in the same order, saving time and money. From additional tools such as advanced search options, order management or simply the ease of additional support, Rara Supply has created an online platform that simplifies the buying process to give their customers everything they need to have a great customer experience consistently. 


Rara Supply is Free!

We have a huge variety of benefits but for sure, the most important one is that you can enjoy them all... for nothing! Unlike other marketplaces we have no fees now or down the line! Use our platform to find and purchase from the best suppliers for no cost at all! 


What is the RARA Guarantee?

The RARA Guarantee states that all items that are delivered incorrectly (in terms of quantity) and/or damaged will be either refunded or replaced, if the customer emails images evidencing the incorrectly or damaged items on arrival, within 48 hours. We do this so as a customer, you can rest assured that Rara Supply has customer protection procedures in place that give you the confidence in the reliability and trustworthiness of ordering on Rara. 


Award Winning Suppliers

None other than Rara gives you the flexibility and choice of such quality suppliers. Our dedicated team of research analysts have sourced a wide range of suppliers for you to choose from, that matches all types of catering busineses requirements. Need help finding the right supplier? Give us or your company assistant a call and they'll be able to go through the types of suppliers at your doorstep that match your needs.


Company Assistant

Every business receives their own company assistant leveraging every customer's ability to consistently save time and money. Rara Supply can guarantee that any issue or query will be addressed within 24 hours, simply by contacting your personal company assistant. 


Support 24/7

Our support team is available for you to reach out to 24 hours a day.



Still got questions? We're here to help!  Just give us a call on 02030515755, or email us at [email protected]